Pastor: Father Jan Grotkowski SDS
34 South Alder Street, Campbell River (Map)

"Called to holiness, we dedicate ourselves to the ongoing mission of Christ, through the celebration of the sacraments, evangelization, and service to others."

Mass Schedule
Monday - No Mass

Tuesday - 10:00am @ Yucalta Lodge

Wednesday to Friday - 9:00am

Saturday - 5:00pm

Sunday - 9:00am & 11:00am

1st Friday-10:30 am @ Evergreen Care Home

Mission Masses

2nd Sunday - Gold River @ 3:00 pm

3rd Sunday - Sayward @ 3:00 pm

4th Sunday - Gold River @ 3:00 pm

Do we have a temperament that builds the Kingdom of God or do we cause divisions in God's Kingdom?

Saturday - 4:15 to 4:45 pm
Wednesday - Thursday - Friday
15 minutes prior to morning Mass
or by request

Wednesday 9:30am to 10:00pm
First Fridays (Sept - June) 9:00am to 4:00pm
Open before and after each Sunday Mass
and before Saturday 5:00pm Mass.

In view of the current COVID-19 pandemic Father Jan and Farher Krystian are recording Celebrations of the Eucharist. To view the videos, please click HERE.

I am the resurrection and the life

Our world desires bind us up in burial cloths fashioned from our sins that block the will of God from our sight. By putting aside selfish ways and trusting in God’s love and mercy, we allow Christ to call us forth from death so that we might lead a resurrected life in the Spirit.

Pope’s special Urbi et Orbi blessing: ‘God turns everything to our good’. To access the Meditation from the Pope as written in the Vatican News, please click HERE.

During this difficult time the Church will be open during the office hours if anyone would like to have a private time to pray. Let us keep our church family, community members, and global family in our prayers.

During this time of isolation parishioners have asked how they can make their weekly donations to the Church. Pre-Authorized Debit can be arranged by calling the office. You can also drop off your collection envelope during office hours.

During this time of isolation parishioners have asked how they can make their weekly donations to the Church. Pre-Authorized Debit can be arranged by calling the office. You can also drop off your collection envelope in the mail box at the office door during office hours.

Thank you to those who have called the office to start pre-authorized donations, or dropped off their contribution. It is very much appreciated!

Holy Week will soon be upon us, let us be mindful of the sacrifices that Christ made for all of us. This was anything but a usual Lenten season and we have been challenged in many ways. We have seen some extraordinary works of mercy when neighbours come to the aid of neighbours! Let us be the light in the darkness and Christ to all we meet. May Christ’s resurrection not be lost in the headlines of fear but be the glowing light of comfort, redemption and mercy in each one of us!

Development and Peace Share Lent 2020 Update

During these uncertain times we are mindful that many of you are experiencing financial difficulties. Nationally, the Share Lent collection has been postponed. At this time, it is important that we support the most vulnerable members of our communities: the homeless, those in nursing homes, the unemployed, our frontline support workers and our healthcare professionals. People in the Global South are some of the most vulnerable members of our global society. Our parishioners have been very generous supporters of Development and Peace - Caritas Canada in the past and we are very grateful for your ongoing support. Please stay safe and stay well.

St. Vincent de Paul - Although it may be some time until you once again see Vincentians holding the Silent Begging crosses, we would like you to know that emergency food deliveries continue, with the need to feed greater than ever in our community. Please make your cheques out to Saint Vincent de Paul and mail your envelope to St. Patrick’s Parish or your contribution can be placed in the mailbox at the office door during office hours. Thank you.

Grassroots Kind Hearts continues to serve the homeless in our community during the COVID-19 virus. Measures will be taken to protect those who serve and those in need. Donations of lunch bags, granola bars and drinking boxes would be greatly appreciated. If you can help, Emily will happily pick up donations. Please call her at 250-287-3003 or email:


As the Father sent his Son to heal and redeem us, we now ask him to hear and answer these prayers that we may be comforted in any affliction.

For the Church, may God help us remain faithful to all of his commandments and grow in the fullness of the truth
We Pray to the Lord

For elected officials, may the Lord guide them to lead the people wisely through this pandemic
We Pray to the Lord

For those who suffer in mind, body or spirit, may the healing power of Jesus come upon them and bring them comfort and peace
We Pray to The Lord

For those of us who are not able to gather together, may the Holy Spirit increase in us a conversion and openness to his work in our lives
We Pray to the Lord

For those who have died from the Coronavirus (COVID-19), may they know the peace and joy of God’s love through all eternity
We Pray to the Lord